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How to Access Troop Virtual Events

     Install the Zoom Client on your desktop, phone, or other compatible device here. You can also directly download the Client from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Assistance with installing or configuring the Zoom client can be found on the Zoom website.


When in a Troop Zoom Meeting, please make sure to mute your mic when not talking and ask questions through the chat.


Option A: Use the link or the Meeting ID and password provided in a TroopMaster email sent out beforehand to access the meeting through Zoom

Option B: Use the below steps on an internet browser to access the event on TroopMaster. Note the TroopMaster app for mobile devices does not support hyperlinks and copy and paste, so you will have to manually copy the meeting ID and password over to the Zoom Client.

   1. Log into TroopMaster



   2. Go to the activities tab

     3. Go to the Activity Calendar


     4. Go to the Troop Meeting on for the specific date of the meeting


   5. Click on the Zoom Link and you will be redirected to the Zoom client and ready to join the meeting!

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