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Summer Camp 2016

Goose Pond

(abbreviated report) 

Summer camp at Goose Pond 2016 was most excellent.  During the week, we achieved the goals we set for ourselves. First, the Scouts had fun. Second, they learned a lot,  [First Years]  earned their Fireman Chip, Totin' Chip, Leave No Trace Chip, and merit badges for Woodcraft and Basketry.  The older Scouts completed 56 (merit badges with 18 partials. 


The Patrol Method is the core curriculum at Goose Pond, and our contingent showed signs of forming as a patrol, with duties and adventures all week. SPL Sam J demonstrated some leadership skill, maintaining order, assigning camp duties (everything from wait staffing to latrine cleaning), arranged our First-Year Flag crew and Adventure Race Teams, and meted out some disciplinary discussions and assignments as well...The service project, the path to the Capouse campsite...was 90% completed by Scouts.  A fine walkway is what I found upon returning to the site. They did a magnificent job...Then came the Adventure race, whence the Scouts compete in various skill competitions...after assigning Scouts to two teams (patrols), S found only one could play, so our senior Scouts all came within seconds of placing.  We had two campfires, one on Wednesday night which was our S'mores night, and our final campfire on Thursday night, which was the best I've ever seen our Scouts put on... After we got over one-liners, Scouts told their personal stories such as stepping off the zip-line for the first time, or ascending the 200 ft cliff, and other adventures.  


We saw the Patrol Method at work as Patrols gave their yells, routines, and skits throughout. The awards, stories, and skits by the staff were of professional quality. Even the Troops who performed showed polish and energy.  J took the stage at Campfire doing a stand-up routine about "You Know You May Be A Scoutmaster If..." and Z did a routine of puns, Scout puns, one after the other...and he slayed them...A torrential thunderstorm caused a mass scramble to the Dining Hall.  


This is only a recap, but it is a good abstract of our week. Other Scouts and Scouters have their own stories as well, so ask them....Oh, and among the lessons we learned: Do Not cook ramen noodles in my coffeepot. Ever.  Please....


Dave C.

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